Corrections is the comprehensive jail management element of the solution driving the effective & efficient processing and monitoring of adults confined in the County or State correctional facility or alternate monitoring programs related to the facility including programs for remediation, treatment, training, education, and work release as well as ensuring referrals to psychology and social work.

  • Complete the summary of an inmate status
  • Add an institutional progress sheet
  • Copy & add inmate records & sentence guideline classifications
  • Diminution of confinement
  • Inmate program services
  • Maintain a calendar of events
  • Maintain gang intelligence
  • Manage sentencing & diminution credits
  • Record information from previous modules
  • Record property as inventoried
  • Retrieve & add fingerprint cards
  • Add & augment related agencies
  • Retrieve & add photograph I.D
  • Supervise & record institutional movement
  • Supervision & recording of progress through the institution
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