Arrest & Booking

Arrest & Booking is based on Foundation and allows the customer to effectively and accurately process an offender and capture all relevant information. Arrest & Booking also gives the management of the correctional agencies institutions a clear ‘window’ on the activity of the institution as a whole, this is color coded to highlight risks and outstanding tasks. From here staff can ‘drill-down’ to the status and progress of each offender.


Arrest & Booking includes a set of specific reports as well as the ability to generate additional reports from the information gathered.

  • Initiate case file – Barcoding & scanning
  • Medical screening
  • Obtaining of personal data
  • Inventory of offender property
  • Fingerprinting and photograph I.D
  • Criminal history
  • Statement of charges
  • Statement of probable cause
  • Case presentation to commissioner
  • Pre-trial and the court system
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