Drug and Mental Health Courts

Is your organisation responsible for sentencing offenders with substance abuse or mental health disorders to treatment in the community? Do you have to work closely with case managers, other criminal justice agencies and community treatment providers to supervise participants’ performance in treatment programmes and ensure their accountability? If so, you may want to take advantage of some of the following Mi-Case functionality:  
  • Comprehensive offender / patient record providing rounded view of an offender’s/ patient’s life
  • Record substance abuse and other health details and previous treatment;
  • Record criminal history details (crime types and areas, profiles of offences committed; client arrests, court appearances, conditional cautions, pre-sentencing reports, prison sentences, restrictions, probation details)
  • Record blood test results (blood-borne viruses, hepatitis, HIV) and mandatory and voluntary drug tests
  • Referrals and triage assessment (record assessment data for substance abuse and treatment history, accommodation and employment, family, harm minimisation advice and information, offender / patient commitment to change)
  • Conduct risk assessment (create, store and view risk assessments regarding risk of re-offending, risk of harm to others and risk of harm to self)
  • Comprehensive assessment (record assessment data for substance abuse and treatment history, offender / patient motivation, drug history, family and relationships, mental and physical health, accommodation, legal, financial and social information)
  • Calculate offender / patient quality of life scores based on completed assessments in areas such as social functioning, mental health, substance abuse, criminal involvement and define their suitability for treatment
  • Development and update of multi-agency care plans
  • Ability for lead case worker and associated co-workers to collaborate on an offender / patient care plan
  • Ability to schedule appointments and record other events as part of care plan implementation (ex. track required appearances at court to review treatment progress)
  • Programme and modality interventions management (recording and monitoring of all types of offender / patient care programmes and interventions within predefined modalities of treatment)
  • Record clients breaches for non-attendance of assessment appointments or non-compliance with sentence conditions
  • Offender / patient care summary record (quick view of the status of all offender / patient interventions enables judges to monitor and closely supervise attendance in treatment and outcomes of frequent drug test results and take corrective action)
  • Event-triggered to-do lists and notifications (perhaps a job assignment for new or transferred offender/patient, or the arrangement of scheduled meetings or intervention or alert of missed appointments by offenders/patients)
  • HIPAA compliant (record patient consent for multi-agency information sharing and confidentiality purposes)
  • Review of treatment progress and changes of offender/patient health/crime risks
  • Offender / patient discharge processing and outcomes tracking
  • Prescription Writer/Printer
  • Support for doctors and authorized nurse managing community prescribing for drug misuse
  • Create new prescriptions and view history of prescriptions per offender / patient
  • Generate both one-off and a schedule of repeating prescriptions
Set up prescription schedules once and print when required
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