Police agencies and partnerships

Is your agency involved in coordinated policing efforts across multiple city, county or state jurisdictions? Do you need to capture and share real time intelligence/information on offenders and actions with other police agencies within or across state boundaries? If so, you may want to take advantage of some of the following Mi-Case functionality:
  • Drill Down Graphical Maps provide visual representation of policing areas/ regions/ departments and offenders’ status per geographic area
  • Ability to record offender crime and health details (demographics, risks, prison sentences, restrictions, breaches, rehabilitations, pathways)
  • Offender Risk Management (graphical review of the risk status of all offenders in any given area)
  • Offender List provides ‘at a glance’ view of all offenders per area/ region/ district/ neighbourhood
  • Offender Summary view provides overview of most pertinent offender information and risk management information
  • Ability to view and collaborate with case workers associated with the offender
  • Record and coordinate intelligence on offenders by sharing unstructured offender data
  • Ability to merge two offender records into one where duplicate offender records are identified
  • Support performance management by setting targets at varying levels (ex. regions, divisions and crime types), defining criminal cohorts and generating performance reports
  • Workflow alerts prompt staff of new events (changes in offender status and actions required)
  • A set of standard Performance Management Reports and user-defined reports that assist police teams to manage offenders, measure progress and help justify investment:
  • Reoffending analysis reports (offending rates, seriousness of offending and cost of offending)
  • Risk score analysis and risk performance tracking
  • Performance tracking against targets set across different variables such as: all crime, burglary, robbery, violent crime, domestic violence
  • Integration with third-party systems through XML web services
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