Transitional Community Re-entry Programmes

Is your organisation responsible for providing supportive services to ex-prisoners to help them re-integrate in their communities more effectively? Are you looking to deliver innovative transitional services that help break the cycle of recidivism, reduce crime and improve the economic and social wellbeing of ex-offenders? If so, you may want to take advantage of some of the following Mi-Case functionality:
  • Record data that support offender transition from prison into community such as:
  • Offender demographics, risk of offending and victim details
  • Arrests, incarceration details and other intelligence linked to offending behaviour
  • Education, training and employment
  • Accommodation, family, relationships and finances
  • Drug misuse, mental and physical health
  • Develop and update offender/patient care plan that helps them re-integrate into community
  • Record and track referrals to specialist treatment in the community
  • Snapshot summary providing an instant view of a re-entry pathway traffic light status of an offender/patient
  • Record scores related to offending, drug misuse and offender/patient risk to self and others and calculate offender/patient overall pathway score
  • Define and monitor KPIs that measure reduction in recidivism and crime, as well as the success of your programme
  • Generate standard and user-defined reports specific to re-entry programmes
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