Parole & Probation

Parole & Probation supports the supervision and monitoring of inmates who serve or finish serving their sentences in the community. The module will assists staff in assuring that conditions of supervision and reporting are being met including the payment of restitution and fines. Staff using Parole & Probation along with Foundation will be better able to assist offenders in securing employment and any other needed services such as drug treatment.

  • Address offenders past history and set up alerts
  • Collect parole orders, probation orders mandatory release certificates
  • Complete case record input and intake forms, special conditions, instructions (treatment, education & mental health)
  • Complete payment plans including restitution & child support
  • Complete risk screening assessment
  • Copy personal I.D information
  • Enter case notes regarding compliance with orders and the current case record input intake form
  • Retrieve and copy criminal history information
  • Management: financial management (collecting, recording, tracking and calculating as per business rules)
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