Treatment & EHR

A proactive and effective criminal justice framework at the county or state level will be very aware of the importance of tackling the causes of crime as well as meeting its impact head on.

Mi-Case’s extensive treatment and EHR functionality has been deployed by many regions to intensively manage offenders out of the conditions that can exacerbate their criminal activity. Substance abuse is the most notable of these and Mi-Case is used in 20 regions to provide multi-agency drug intervention teams with the tools to monitor, manage, treat and record substance abuse and other behavioural health interventions.

Often offenders are assessed against a series of ‘pathways to offending’, substance abuse, mental health, alcohol consumption are amongst these pathways and treatment must be coordinated while the offender is in the community or in custody.

Providing treatment to offenders is complex in terms of the different modalities of care, the strict rules on data recording and sharing, the prescription of medicines and the continuity of management as the offender moves across different environments.

Mi-Case was designed to assist multi-agency organisations to provide treatment effectively and draw important conclusions on individual cases and statistical trends.

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