E-Licensing Software Configurable to Individual Content & Workflows

COMING SOON: Our new e-licensing software with modern interfaces and fully adaptable to any licensing need.

One Centralized E-Licensing Hub Configurable to Individual Agency Licensing Needs

Put an end to dated legacy systems, patched solutions, and manual processes and move forward with a fully configurable E-Licensing platform that harnesses the latest technologies within our Enterprise Framework.

A single system to combine ALL legacy software & data models.

Our highly configurable, modern e-licensing software not only can help bring an end to patched solutions and outdated legacy software, but brings all users together into ONE central system. With fully configurable application types, our core system can be adapted to any e-licensing environment need. Stop using separate systems to track things like reporting, security, user permissions, and applications or renewals. Instead, move forward with one solution to manage all points of the licensing process.

Easy to use, self-service portal for individual and business licensees.

One of the key features of our e-licensing platform is the user’s ability to manage and maintain their own account profile. Not only can they access and view all existing and pending licenses certifications and permits, but they can easily apply personal changes or track continuous education hours. All from a simple, easy to use home dashboard that allows for messaging, notifications, and a complaints hub.


Start streamlining your licensing workflow with a seamless end to end process for all users.

Key Features & Benefits

License Applications & Renewals

A user-friendly application experience for any type of license application. Application types can be easily updated and are 100% configurable.

Security & User Permissions

Easy to maintain roles and permissions ready to go out of the box, or easily configured to meet further specified needs. Users can be assured security as they modify and maintain their own account profiles.

License Management Portal

An easy-to-use home dashboard where a user can access and view all existing and pending licenses, certifications, and permits.

Complaints Management

Capture complaints from public platforms, upload documents to support complaints, and track complaints assigned to specific users.

Finance & Payments

Fully integrated payment services that allow in-portal access for licensee to view and pay outstanding invoices.

Reporting & Analytics

Enjoy key data reporting and analytics from a dedicated dashboard straight out of the box. Configure for ad-hoc reporting if more tailored reporting needs are required.

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