No two cases of digital transformation look the same. We adapt our solutions to fit your needs.

Mi-Case is the leading partner for bespoke digital solutions customized to your organization or business activity.

Technology continues to advance the speed of business.
You can't afford to wait.

When your needs are complex, the solutions can be overwhelming. Our partnership will get you the roadmap you need.

Assess Your Digital Landscape.

Starting with an assessment of your organization's existing specialized digital landscape, technological perspective and openness to change, we can then identify the exact next steps on your path transformation.


strategize & Design the right digital roadmap for your organization.

Our experts will provide the exact right next steps for your specialized systems, and oversee the transformation process to ensure a seamless way forward.


customize & innovative to harness all the benefits of modern technology.

Lean into our expertise in both existing softwares and customized solutions to see your organization not only get up to speed on modern technologies, but harness their power to forge ahead.


Our Services

You deserve technologies
that help you get ahead,

not systems that leave
you falling behind.

Investment in your case is what sets Mi-Case apart.

we are the partner that

We invest deeply in knowing the business of our clients. Whether hiring subject matter experts or taking the extra time to understand the complexities of a client's business activity, we learn to speak the language of each clients' business.


Transforming and modernizing specialized digital solutions is what we do. We are the experts in understanding all the nuances of our clients' complex business activities and knowing the exact solutions that best for their needs.


Our best in class approach to customer service provides dedicated, real-time support ti every project. Our clients know they'll have the assistance they need, when they need it, from someone they know and trust.

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Why Mi-Case?

Sticking with an old outdated system isn't an option

There is no question your old Offender Management Systems are slowing you and your agencies down. However, it's understandable that thinking about all that's involved with transitioning to one interoperable OMS feels overwhelming.

We've had more implementations in the last 7 years than our competitors combined

While other OMS systems are stuck in their ability to be implemented-either because of lack of funds, delays, or an inability to work properly-Mi-Case's track record speaks for itself.

"White Glove" Implementation

Through Mi-Case's "white glove" implementation experience, we walk with you through from start to finish making certain no piece of data is lost or opportunity to meet your state specific needs is ignored.

Our partnership doesn't stop at implementation.

After your software is live, you'll continue to enjoy the same level of attention you've experienced throughout implementation through our dedicated, local staffing approach. Never worry about change requests being lost in anonymous customer service logs, or batch released once a year. Our dedicated staff begin resolving defects the moment they receive them and release updates as soon as they're solved, so you can ensure your exposure to risk is as low as possible.


bad legacy system

Running out of time on Legacy System

Missed Data Opportunity Picture

Missed opportunity to get better data and better outcomes

Lost Money Picture

Money and time are flying out the window

Overworked Team Picture

Your team is still overworked and burdened by an old system

Bad OMS Picture

No functioning OMS to show for time and resources wasted

Long journey picture

Still facing a long journey ahead

Don't just get up to date.

Get ahead

See how our digital transformation solutions can accelerate your specialized systems beyond just up-to-date, leaving you prepared for everywhere it will need to go in the future.

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