Offender & Jail Management Software Tailored to Your Exact Needs

We know there are no true “off the shelf” solutions for offender management and jail management software. We have a proven track record of implementing our solution to your agency’s exact needs.

Software Designed to Address the Complexities of Public Safety

For decades, we have invested heavily in understanding the exact needs of software for the corrections industry. More than just a software that can be configured to your organization’s exact specifications, we have the experience to deliver solutions on time & on budget with all the functionalities you require.


Move forward managing offenders with the complete Mi-Case Offender Management Solution, all built with evergreen technology that ensures this is the last offender management system you will ever need.


Our new Mi-Case Jail Management System is fully configurable to your organizations exact specifications. Put an end to manual processes and mistakes that jeopardize the safety and stability of your facility and move forward managing offenders with a modern system built to uphold the highest standards of jail best practices.


Our STAND ALONE sentence calculation module can be implemented with any existing system you have today. Get fully documented, sure proof sentence calculations, all tailored to your exact legislative requirements and put an end to the risk associated with manual calculations.

Know your new system will be LIVE & OPERATIONAL before your legacy system fails.

Backed by the Same
Mi-Case Standard

Configurable to your needs

Backed by real time support

Maintained through evergreen technology