We are the leading partner for live, fully-integrated offender management software & premier implementation services. 

"Mi-Case was founded on the belief that a better future for the offender begins with lightening the load of those managing the corrections journey."
- CEO, Dean Allen

About Mi-Case

With over 15 years of experience and three live OMS implementations in the last six years alone, Mi-Case is known as much for our premier, white-glove implementation approach as we are for our exceptional, fully-integrated offender management software solutions.  

We have repeatedly met our customers at the crossroads of their journey to replace failing legacy systems with long-term, corrections driven, evergreen and mobile ready solutions that jumpstart their path to bigger data, better outcomes, and lower recidivism.  (See more of the Mi-Case Advantage.)

Our implementation and partnership approach is built directly on our teams’ experience implementing on a correctional level ourselves. We know the right solutions to ensure you go live within the necessary timeline and within budget. Our ongoing partnership allows you to avoid unnecessary risk and enjoy the benefits of your integrated system. This leaves you free to focus on the data and in turn drive down recidivism. 

The name “Mi-Case” was chosen as a direct result of seeing the software we developed so directly implicated in the result it was hoping to produce. At the core, what is at stake within the OMS journey for any participant or those managing them is the quality of one individual’s life. Each offender entered into the system is one, distinct individual.

While “corrections” speaks to the sum of the whole, on any given day, the entire OMS system is always working with the hope of creating the efficiencies that help in getting one individual back on track as healthy individuals contributing to society.

About our parent company: Business & Decision

Mi-Case is a focused division of the international consulting group Business & Decision, providing industry expertise and consulting within Criminal Justice and Public Safety systems. 

The Mi-Case team and the Mi-Case Software framework, which is a world class, industry leading Offender Management System and implementation partner, gets to operate as its own divisional unit, while also leaning into the larger global support and reach that parent company, Business & Decision affords. 

Founded in 1992, Business & Decision is a global management, strategy consulting and systems integrator with over 2,600 employees worldwide.  Together with Mi-Case, Business & Decision leverages a unique combination of technical, functional and industry specialization, as well as partnerships with key software vendors, to deliver maximum-value projects.  

Meet Our Team

The leadership, expertise, & skills to ensure your success
Chris Masson
Product Manager
Dean Allen
Thad Lowry
Development Director
Vishal Mehta
Application Development Manager
Aaron Pratt
Application Development Manager
Joe Miles
Business Development Manager
Rick Davis
Principal Corrections Technology and Corrections Vertical Marketing Director
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