We are highly specialized in live, fully-integrated case management & bespoke digital transformation solutions  


With over 20 years of experience in bespoke digital transformation at both the public and private level, Mi-Case is known as much for our white-glove approach to client support as we are for our exceptional, fully-integrated software solutions.

Our approach begins by investing in understanding all complexities of our clients’ key business activities. By hiring subject matter experts that have a deep understanding of the industry, we seek to understand their organizational goals as well as they understand them themselves. Only then do we work to innovate the right digital solutions to solve their unique needs.

We have repeatedly met our customers at the crossroads of their digital transformation journey, replacing legacy systems and manual activities with long-term, evergreen and mobile ready solutions that jumpstart their path to harnessing modern technology to advance their organization. Our years of experience in the global marketplace has also prepared us to support clients with the complexities that accompany scaling their digital solutions internationally.

The name “Mi-Case” was chosen as a direct result of seeing the software and solutions we developed so directly implicated in the result it was hoping to produce. At the core, what is at stake within the transformation journey is the opportunity to support dedicated individuals--and those they serve--with innovative, dynamic solutions that advance their goals. Each clients’ needs that we transform are not only unique to them, but also designed to support the individual experience of their team and customers.

Our Leaders

Dean Allen and Benjamin Bussenault bring with them a combined experience of over 50 years in the international technology innovation industry. From pioneering public safety technology to implementing digital transformation solutions for corporations with billions in revenue, Allen and Bussenault's leadership propels a team of hand-selected, industry best team members to provide their clients innovative solutions with a white glove partnership experience.

We invest in our clients.
We invest in making our team feel like family.

Our Leadership

Dean Allen


Benjamin Bussenault

Senior Vice President

Rob Spedding

Chief Financial Officer

Sherrie Allen

Human Resources Director

Vishal Mehta

Director of Software Engineering

Mi-Case Public Safety LogoMi-Case Digital Transformation logo
Susan Dean

Project Management Director

Chris Williams

Director of Public Sector Sales

Thad Lowry

Development Director

Rick Davis

Principal Corrections Technology and Corrections Vertical Marketing Director

Matt DeClue

IT Director

Trevor Baker

Business Analysis Manager

Aaron Pratt

Application Development Manager

Stewart Bramley

QA Manager

Joe Miles

Business Development Manager

Dan Williams

Pre-Sales Engineer

Ben Hooper

Product Manager

Taylor Elliott

Director of Digital Transformation Sales

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