Contract Vehicle Partnerships

Cut Through Red Tape & Quickly Access Mi-Case Services

Contract Vehicle Partnerships

Cut Through Red Tape & Quickly Access Mi-Case Services

Access our services through Your preferred Government IT Solutions Provider

Bypass the lengthy RFP, vetting and bidding process by accessing Mi-Case services quickly through our contract vehicle partnerships with trusted IT solutions partners.

We are pleased to partner with both SHI and Carahsoft in offering IT solutions specifically geared towards public sector and OMS software. Skip the vetting process by moving forward with SHI and Carahsoft’s reputation for only partnering with dependable contractors who offer top tier services within their fields of expertise.


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How Using Contract Vehicles Helped Our Clients

Client Example: Implementation of Sentence Calculation Module

One state, knowing they were in need of a vital component of their OMS software as soon as possible, utilized their contract vehicle partner to quickly identify both Mi-Case’s availability as well as the quality of our sentence calculation module.

By going through their contract vehicle partner, the state cut out months of unnecessary vetting and bidding, and instead was able to apply that time and energy to immediately getting their agencies prepped for a new software. Instead of being distracted by the process of an RFP for a single necessary component, they simply got to advance directly to implementation of a critical component that was essential to top performance for their OMS system.

From selection to implementation, the module took less than a year to get off the ground, likely saving the state at least eight months to a year of time when the need was critical.

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