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Your digital transformation, accelerated.

Starting with an assessment of your organization's existing specialized digital landscape, technological perspective and openness to change, we can then identify the exact next steps on your path to transformation.


That frees your best people to get back to their most important work.

Digital Transformation Strategy Assessments

Understand the full nature of your current systems as they compare to all the available solutions—both COTS and custom—and develop the right next steps to ensure you’re establishing the right digital foundation to allow for your continued innovation for years to come.

Legacy Application Support and Management

Take the first step to digital transformation by freeing your best people to spend their time focused on strategy for new and innovative solutions for your organization. Outsource your full level 2 or level 3 application support, maintenance and management of existing legacy systems.

Management and Support of Multi-Cloud Environments

Migrating applications to a flexible cloud environment can help you achieve new technical goals and operate in a more agile manner. We can help ensure you are taking advantage of the most price-competitive services, as well as helping to extend your cloud’s speed, capacity or geographical reach, all while mitigating the risk multi-cloud environments present.


To seemlessly take your system or multi-cloud environment where it needs to go.

Multi-Cloud Computing & Architecture Assessment

Determine whether a smooth functioning multi-cloud environment could help your organization achieve specific short or long term objectives, update existing legacy support infrastructure, meet the latest security and compliance needs, and elevate overall user experience.

Cloud Automation Consultations & Services

Whether you need a Cloud Strategy, are considering migrating applications to the Cloud, automating processes that can be migrated to the Cloud, implementing SysOps, DevOps, or setting up a ‘born in the Cloud’ business application – draw on our experience to help you architect a robust and secure solution.

Seamless Cloud Migration Services

Ensure no loss of data or information as you transfer management of your current legacy application into cloud based environments.

Full Service Migration of Existing Hosted Data Centers

Move your whole organization—not just your existing legacy system—into the cloud with a partner who will develop an innovative solution for every evolving digital need that arises for your organization.


That leverages the full power of digital to provide solutions customized to your organization's needs.

Bespoke Application Development/Transformation

All of our bespoke, custom designed and developed applications are built  incorporating the most modern technologies. All are cloud hosted, and supported with the Mi-Case EverGreen commitment to never allow the  application to become obsolete.

Mobile Application Development

We develop custom mobile applications for your specialized needs. Empower your employees or customers with mobile ready solutions that extend critical activities to the palm of their hands.

Dev/Ops Services

DevOps means you are constantly in the process of upgrading, fixing, adding new functionality every week—no more waiting for new functionality to be added only once or twice a year.

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Now that you have transformed your systems to operate seamlessly, efficiently, and harnessing the power of digitization—how do you leverage that to competitive advantages for your organization? Let us show you how to utilize the power of data to make better decisions, maximize outcomes or increase profits.

Application Integration Development Services

Understand the best existing softwares and tools that fit with your current needs, and integrate to work seamlessly with customized application needs that are specific to your unique system.

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Explore our detailed but time efficient consult packages to accelerate your first steps towards a modern solution

Packages starting at $50,000 depending on depth of scope
Digital Application Assessment
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Details: Assess your current state of your application and its effectiveness in regard to capabilities, hosting, security, and maintainability

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Result: We deliver a detailed assessment that lets you know where your application stands today, and immediate ways we can improve modernization and performance  through digital modernization

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Timeline: Starting at 6 weeks

Platform Application Assessment
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Details: Uncover the most urgent needs for modernizing your single or multi-application environment and determine if you are exposed to any immediate security threat vulnerabilities or maintenance of the application base

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Result: Get a full analysis of current applications employed on any platform (hardware and software) and learn of any exposed points that require remediation, cloud migration, or digital transformation

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Timeline: Starting at 6 weeks

Cloud Migration & Architecture assessment
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Details: Learn how a multi-cloud strategy or immediate migration of application to the cloud could present immediate benefits to your organization

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Result:  Receive a full analysis on the best and most secure next steps for employing the benefits of a cloud environment

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Timeline: Starting at 6 weeks