June 20, 2023

Our Rapid Deployment for Indiana Department of Correction

At Mi-Case, we are relentless in our pursuit of setting new industry standards.  Today, we proudly celebrate setting a new record for implementation!  In just 27 months we have successfully delivered a modernized offender management system for the Indiana Department of Correction.


So when industry standard ranges from 4 years to 7years--how was Mi-Case able to achieve this in record time? It's no secret--so we're unveiling the details in our latest video. 


Ultimately, our success story is fueled by our unwavering belief that implementation is not just a crucial step, but the very cornerstone for any digital transformation project to succeed. We have spent years meticulously crafting our Mi-Case Blueprint for Success that accelerates implementation without compromising quality--ensuring remarkable outcomes for our clients.


Mi-Case Goes Live with Indiana Department of Correction - YouTube