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John Hall


May 1, 2021

Project Manager

Since 2014

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  • Personal Motto or Mantra

    More Fun Than A Person Should Have!

    Perfect Day

    Considering my age … Every day is the perfect day

    Favorite Restaurant

    Box Hill Pizzeria (Local) - Best Crab Cakes

  • Favorite Tradition

    Mother’s Day – I cook for all the family mothers on that day

    Place to Visit You Have Never Been


    Proudest Accomplishment

    Witnessing the birth of all my children

  • What Inspires You

    Being associated with people who want to do a good job.

    Little Known Fact

    I was working in NYC on 9/11 and witnessed the collapse of both World Trade Towers that day

    3 Words You Use to Describe Your Role

    Make Everybody Successful!

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