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Modern Corrections Technology & The Future for Public Safety

The team at Mi-Case have designed a series of articles dedicated to the professionals who serve in the Public Safety Corrections industry at the national, State, and Local level. We fully understand and appreciate the effort and dedication each of you make to ensuring the very best in Public Safety.

Part VIII: Seamless Evolution of your OMS

How you and your partner can best support your ongoing technological needs.

Part VII: What is a Change Request?

What are the best ways to engage in change requests with your OMS technology partner from both a technological and institutional perspective?

Part VI: Best Practices for Maintaining and Advancing Your OMS (part 2 of 2)

What happens if a software bug goes unaddressed? Check out Part VI of our series and learn why it's necessary to address software bugs and defects.

Part V: Best Practices for Maintaining and Advancing Your OMS (part 1 of 2)

So what exactly is a software "bug"? Check out Part V of our series and better understand the need for OMS software updates.

Part IV: The Vital Role Change Management Plays in OMS Implementation

Preparing your personnel for the change to a new OMS is an essential part of any successful implementation.

Part III - Key Aspects for Building a Strong Foundation for Successful OMS Implementation

You might be surprised at the data regarding the number of IT projects that are considered successful. However, this Blog post looks at those critical success factors found to be contributors to a successful project while preparing for the technical shift, and preparing personnel.