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November 9, 2022

Mastering Public Sector RFPs for Effective Partner Selection


Decoding the Path to the Right Partner for your RFP

How to spot the best long-term partners and avoid the dreaded “failed implementation.”


Following the positive feedback and interest our implementation series has generated, Mi-Case has lined up another helpful blog series in the hopes of educating those beginning their search for an OMS or JMS partner.  (You can read more tips on preparing a strong RFP here).

We know that at a time of record inflation, costs are rising everywhere. But now that your agency has finally decided to move forward with a new OMS or JMS system or module, how will you know the right contract bid when you see it?  

One thing is for certain: the numbers don’t tell the whole story. 

Just because a bid is the highest or the lowest won’t always give you all the answers. In this series, we will analyze what red flags to look for on both ends of the response proposals, as well as how to evaluate the right long term partner match for your budget and agency needs. All with the end goal of your agency avoiding the dreaded failed implementation.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we release this 3-part series:

  • Part I: Decoding an RFP Response -What to look for in everything from costs to software, as well as red flags to avoid and key indicators of partnership success.
  • Part II: Thinking Beyond your RFP - What key indicators does an RFP response hold to help point to whether a vendor may be a good long term fit for the future? In a decision you cannot make twice, we will evaluate key components that you can evaluate now
  • Part III: Avoiding the dreaded “failed implementation.” - Shedding light on an often unaddressed topic, we will address the question of what really happens when a partner cannot go live–including the real costs associated and the key things you can do to ensure it never happens to you.