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Part X: Celebrating Success & Working Towards an Ever Brighter Future!

Celebrating Success & Working Towards an Ever Brighter Future

Moving from antiquated legacy systems to a new, modern Offender Management System is no small feat--it is years of carefully selecting a partner, preparing for change, and managing the implementation of a new system with all involved. That’s why, once it is live and operational, it’s important to recognize and celebrate the achievement!

However, it is also important to remember this is not the finish line. Getting your new system live and operational is just the tip of the iceberg for what the new technology will be able to achieve in more efficient and effective operations and better outcomes for your agency. Almost immediately, you will begin to look around and find opportunities for further modernization and automation. 

So, as you head into what’s next for your organization, here are a few things to keep in mind which, collectively, can help you and your agency continue moving towards an ever brighter future:

  • Identify additional legacy or manual processes that could be automated within the agency
  • Budget and prepare for ongoing legislative or procedural changes that could affect the operational nature of system functions. It’s essential to communicate in depth with your partner about these changes, and understand the costs and changes to the overall OMS to keep them in step with the timelines in which they are needed.
  • Lean into your partner to learn about new technologies that can be integrated to compliment your OMS and offer even more Public Safety and reentry tools for you and your agency
  • Get excited about the forthcoming data and information you will capture with your new system, and empower your employees on employing evidence based practices that will result with the use of data analytics and business intelligence of your new system. 
  • Consider presenting at Public Safety and Corrections Associations meetings about your achievements and sharing lessons learned but also your successes with your new system.
  • Reach out to partner agencies to supplement your agencies ability to access greater amounts of data and integrate more closely with their systems to enhance collaboration.


As we close this series, we also want to encourage you to “share the wealth.” If your agency is benefiting from new technologies--what other Public Safety or Health and Human Resource organizations in your periphery may also be benefited? And how might their modernization add to the larger goals to improve offender outcomes and lower recidivism?

The new technology allows for modernized Public Safety agencies to easily collaborate, share information, and apply evidence based practices, which increases the chances for reducing recidivism and benefiting all parties involved. 

When things are improving, don’t forget to show the good that is coming from all the hard work, and invite others into the potential benefits that await. 

Thank you for taking time to read our series on modernizing Corrections technology.

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