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Cindy Hyser-Crauwels


July 30, 2020

Sr. Business Analyst

Since 2014

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  • Personal Motto or Mantra

    Always try to be your best version of yourself.

    Perfect Day

    Taking my dogs to breakfast at the lake.

    Favorite Restaurant

    Roma Cafe, Mesa

  • Favorite Tradition

    Holiday photos with the dogs.

    Place to Visit You Have Never Been

    I'd like to go to Spain.

    Proudest Accomplishment

    Any recognition by a client for doing a good job is always an accomplishment.

  • What Inspires You

    The kindness in people.

    Little Known Fact

    I played fast pitch softball from age 10 to my early 30s.

    3 Words You Use to Describe Your Role

    Challenging, Insightful, and Rewarding.

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