Mi-Case Sentence Calculation System

A Comprehensive & Modern Sentence Calculation System

Mi-Case has developed the most sophisticated sentence calculation engine in the industry.  Highly configurable, rules based, easy to use, and a “first-of-its-kind” sentencing tool, the Mi-Case Sentence Calculator has been developed by software engineers and analysts with extensive knowledge not only of the nuances of the laws of each State and Locality, but also the complex algorithms involved in accurately calculating inmates’ sentences, jail time credits and release dates.  In addition, the Sentence Calculation team is experienced in designing and managing administrative computing systems. The result: a software tool that will serve the Corrections justice system and provide an invaluable tool for corrections personnel, by simplifying and expediting access to critical, consistently reliable sentencing information.


The Mi-Case Sentence Calculation System performs Time Computations without the use of any third-party integrations to provide a highly configurable system for specific business rules within the calculation engines. This means that to our customers, that we are the sole responsible vendor, with the knowledge, experience and capability to make whatever sentencing rules or functions exist in our application designed to be configurable to your needs.

Complex Sentence Mapping

The Mi-Case Sentence Calculation System is engineered to apply complex sentence mapping based upon your State or Local court rulings is a key aspect of the most powerful sentencing module in the industry. Within Mi-Case, we have a dedicated area to enable staff to apply consecutive and concurrent sentence mapping between multiple sentences, which then allows the Mi-Case calculation engine to accurately derive dates for each sentence.

Complexities Of Credits And Release Dates

Working with a multitude of clients we have encountered many variations of Earned Credits and Good Conduct Time and how they are applied to offender records. From frequent time-based distribution and calculation of credits to monthly applications of credits based upon job enrollment, down to credit distribution based on enrollment in special education programs. In addition, the Mi-Case Sentence Calculation System has the ability to adjust credit earning rates based upon offense dates or phases of an offender’s incarceration, as is the ability to forfeit and restore credits via the Inmate disciplinary process.

Real Time Reporting

Produce real time, up to date time computation statements at the touch of a button. Our automated cloud hosted and fully supported solution satisfies the need for availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Staff Satisfaction

From calculations that are performed correctly each and every time, to full auditing and logging of all changes made to an offender time computation record, staff have responded with enthusiasm to the Mi-Case Sentence System as data entry and mistakes have been reduced or eliminated.

Backed by the same Mi-Case Standard.

Configurable to your Needs.
Backed by real time support.
Maintained through evergreen technology.