Module Spotlight: Mi-Case’s Inmate Accounting & Trust 

Just one of the many powerful modules fully integrated and seamlessly operational within our complete Mi-Case OMS system.


We know that the Inmate Trust & Accounting module in particular is one where most State Correctional agencies spend a considerable amount of time handling the complex finances of an offender.  Dated and antiquated legacy systems that contain software bugs can not only consume your staff time, but setbacks can jeopardize the safety and stability of your facility.

Put an end to the stress that glitch-ridden legacy software can create, and move forward managing offender trust with the Mi-Case Inmate Accounting & Trust - a modernized system designed to uphold the highest standards of accounting best practices, and tested and tried in a variety of state prison and local jail settings. 


Set up an offender’s trust account one time, then maintain it seamlessly across each facility or institutional change. No more closing and reopening accounts every time an offender moves location. No matter how many times an offender is moved, their offender trust records are maintained in one, centralized system.  Put an end to the onerous tasks required when manually transferring records, and provide management with the security of only one documented audit trail, upholding the utmost transparency for the lifetime of the account.  All within the Mi-Case solution.


Quickly account for and reconcile all finances of an offender, including a fully automated institution transfer process that supports a single, centralized account across the offender’s journey. Eliminate the requirement to update and maintain general ledgers and other records, greatly reducing the personnel hours associated with these tasks. 


Produce real time, up to date statements at the touch of a button. Our automated solution satisfies the need for availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Real Time Reporting

Produce real time, up to date time computation statements at the touch of a button. Our automated cloud hosted and fully supported solution satisfies the need for availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Like all of our Mi-Case OMS modules, Inmate Accounting & Trust can be configured to satisfy all of your Correction agency needs. From varying state and agency regulations to State mandated collections and restitutions, we come prepared to tailor our core accounting & trust module to your specific needs.


From public kiosks that allow for deposits or information dissemination to involvement in processing commissary orders, your staff will be able to drastically cut down the amount of time they spend managing entries or requests for information.

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No financial data can be altered without a corresponding audit trail, ensuring that you and your institution data and information are completely logged and validated when it comes to account oversight and management. 

Other Features:

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    Commissary orders
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    Cash deposits
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    On-demand reporting
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    Public Kiosks
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    Full transactional audit trail
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    Inmate pay
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    Centralized (Cross-facility) Accounts
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    Automated transfers
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    Cloud based, operational 24x7, 365 days

Backed by the same Mi-Case Standard.

Configurable to your Needs.
Backed by real time support.
Maintained through evergreen technology.