Cloud advisory services revolutionize NaphCare’s operations
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NaphCare, a leading provider of correctional healthcare and innovative technologies, confronted significant hurdles with their existing VMware setup, struggling with scalability and dependence on physical infrastructure, data center housing, and multiple service providers.

To overcome these obstacles, NaphCare turned to Mi-Case's expert cloud advisory services. The collaboration resulted in substantial efficiencies and cost savings, enabling NaphCare to adopt a new, more effective market strategy without the encumbrance of on-premise infrastructure and manual processes.

By leveraging Amazon Web Services to automate all aspects of the procurement cycle, NaphCare realized impressive results: faster go-to-market times, enhanced operational scalability, and significant cost reductions. The Mi-Case solution allowed NaphCare to refocus on their core mission of delivering healthcare and administrative solutions to the corrections and justice systems, thereby showcasing the transformative power of strategic cloud adoption.

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