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Revitalizing online payments for Arizona’s Secure Checkout Service
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The Secure Checkout Service (SCS) is an industry-leading solution that allows agencies to accept online payments without the need for a dedicated frontend application, enhancing both security and accessibility.

Despite its success, SCS faced two critical security issues: the ending support for AngularJS and the discontinued WSO2 Application Server 5.3.0. These challenges threatened the robustness and security of the online payment system. To ensure that the goal of PCI compliance was not compromised, an immediate solution was needed.

Responding proactively to these challenges, Mi-Case stepped in to upgrade the online payment application. Our scope of work was comprehensive, encompassing planning, execution, resource management, implementation, testing, and deployment.

We replaced the unsupported AngularJS and WSO2 Application Server 5.3.0 with advanced, secure payment services. This included the implementation of a payment gateway now serving 80+ agencies, ensuring that SCS remained operational, secure, and compliant. We completed the upgrade on schedule, rigorously testing all functionalities to ensure seamless transactions for end-users.

The significance of our involvement is clear in the transformation of SCS. Since our involvement, the portal transaction numbers grew dramatically from 2.5k to an impressive 640k. Similarly, the portal transaction amounts soared from $700k to a staggering $328M. These remarkable growth figures underscore the tangible impact of our involvement on the application.

The successful modernization of the Secure Checkout Service underlines Mi-Case's ability to respond to and navigate complex, time-sensitive challenges effectively. Today, SCS continues to offer a secure, stable, and reliable online payment solution to agencies, and Mi-Case stands proud of its role in ensuring this crucial service's integrity and efficiency.

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