Arizona Department of Homeland Security

Improved Grants Management Strengthens Arizona’s Homeland Security
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    Arizona Department of Homeland Security
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The Arizona Department of Homeland Security, a critical entity in preventing terrorism and securing Arizona's borders, teamed up with Mi-Case to enhance their grant management process. The department, which strategically directs resources to achieve collective security goals, funded over 530,000 hours of law enforcement overtime, made 183,000 vehicle stops, and carried out 6,800 apprehensions at the Mexico border in FY23 alone.

Recognizing the need for more efficient fund management and disbursement, the Department turned to Mi-Case. We worked closely with the Department to optimize their website and grant management applications, enabling them to distribute funds to emergency response organizations, counties, municipalities, and special districts more efficiently.

As a result, the Department can now administer and manage federal homeland security grants with greater ease and efficiency, thus contributing to Arizona's overall safety and security. Mi-Case’s solutions have not only streamlined processes but also reinforced the Department's vital mission of protecting Arizona.

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