Arizona Department of Administration

Revamping State Applications: How Mi-Case streamlined the Arizona Department of Administration’s Web Portal
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    Arizona Department of Administration
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    Modernization Services
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The Arizona Department of Administration sought a partner to help them address enterprise-wide challenges, with a mission to rearchitect and migrate 32 web portal applications to the cloud.  In collaboration with the State, Mi-Case completed a comprehensive discovery and documentation phase to inventory all existing applications and processes, then developed a strategic migration plan focused on streamlining workloads, environments, and operations.

With all applications successfully rearchitected and deployed in the cloud, the Department realized cost savings exceeding $2 million. The transformation also reduced agency onboarding time and freed up resources, allowing the Department to focus on innovating and developing the next generation of digital government solutions for state agencies.

Through the partnership with Mi-Case, the Arizona Department of Administration not only overcame its digital challenge, but also advanced its commitment to efficiency, innovation, and state-wide service.

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